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Smarter Tunkey Solutions

Our Turnkey Solutions Include


Site Selection

You have customers, clients and staff that need smart EV charging services.
SmartWorks has solutions for every type of property, and every type of business. We will work with you to determine the right type of charging stations, the right number, and the right ownership model that fits you best. 

Smart Models 

Depending on your needs and your vision, we source and install state of the art, best in class, smart charging stations for your users. We install, commission and maintain your smart charging unit, with no hassle to you and your team, customers, and clients.  You choose what model of charging ownership works best for you. 


Once we have worked out the best solution for your needs, we will handle all the heavy lifting. Design requirements, permit submittals, site inspections, and final compliance approvals are all part of what we do as your partner.  

Smarter Management

Our team provides complete project/construction management from electrical, and backhaul design upgrades, through utility coordination, equipment installation, and any civil engineering requirements.

Installation & Operation

We install state of the art, best in class, smart charging stations for your users. We install, commission and can maintain your smart charging unit, with no expense or hassle to you and your team


The safety of your customers and staff are our number one priority during any construction process.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our commitment to you, and your customers doesn't stop after installation. Our warranty covers all equipment, includes repairs, replacements, routine maintenance and industry-standard upgrades for all CaaS & SmartWorks owned chargers. 

Charging Models


Charging as a Service

SmartWorks charging as a Service provides you with minimal costs to make the site ready, but leaves the network service, maintenance and operation to us.  

Smartworks Owned

The true no cost solution for owners. SmartWorks handles the installation, operation and maintenance. All while the owner enjoys a revenue share of the profits. 

Owner Managed

Perfect for the owners who don't mind spending the capital, but who want total control of their charging stations.  


The owner makes the site ready for us, and we handle the rest including, installation, operations and maintenance.   

Shopping Centers • Fitness Centers • Stadiums • MUD

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Our team is here for whatever your business may need.

Send us a message for general inquiries or to set up an introductory call to discuss your property needs.

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