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SmartWorks Partners Launches SmartWorks Development

December 2020

Las Vegas, NV: SmartWorks Partners recently announced the formation of a new affiliate to complement its current business model. SmartWorks Development will focus on providing technical service solutions for private partners as well as network developers.

SmartWorks hopes to provide the same kind of top tier turnkey program management solutions for commercial owners and network operators, as it has for municipalities across the country as a leading municipal partner. With the acceleration of EV charging initiatives, broadband connectivity requirements and the growing need for edge solutions, IoT, big data and other emerging technologies, SmartWorks Development will offer a variety of services to help connect that entire ecosystem of stakeholders with property owners and developers.

Network development services such as engineering, construction management, utility coordination, and installation and maintenance services traditionally provided on behalf of OEM and network providers, will now be able to be prioritized on behalf of commercial property partners looking to take a more proactive role in their property’s asset development profile. Forward looking asset development will help owners improve traditional service offerings like high-speed connectivity for their tenants, but also emerging technologies like EV charging, and smart property management solutions. Smart development of owner assets will accelerate accessibility to network providers seeking to enhance their coverage objectives.


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