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SmartWorks selected to work with leading Southeast Auto Dealer on EV Charging Program

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Las Vegas, NV

Septermber 22, 2022

SmartWorks Development was recently selected as program manager for the GM and Stellantis EV Dealer Program by a leading independent automotive dealer chain in the southeast region of the country. Like many dealers nationwide, the dealer is part of a larger national automaker strategy to facilitate the expansion of publicly accessible EV charging. SmartWorks will provide program management services during the design, procurement and installation process at multiple dealer-owned facilities.

Both the GM and Stellantis National EV Infrastructure Dealer Program are focused on providing the quick expansion of publicly available EV charging stations in support of Biden Administration goal of 500,000 publicly accessible EV chargers by 2030. Some experts believe that number could ultimately rise to over 1.5 million chargers to meet Biden Administration greenhouse admission goals by 2035. According to estimates, there are just over 100,000 public chargers available in support of the Biden/Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan.

The most difficult obstacle in pursuit of this goal will be upgrading property facilities with augmented power supplies to the current grid in order to support these charging initiatives. Of those 100,000 chargers, approximately, just over 35,000 are the DCFC fast charging Level 3 types which are the most sought-after charging locations (under 1 hour to charge). Going forward, it is anticipated that the preferred installation type will be the DCFC Level 3 Chargers for businesses nationwide. These types of chargers will require electrical upgrades to a number of client facilities in support of the overall program goals.

While GM and Stellantis have selected industry experts like InCharge, ABM and Future Charge as preferred partners to provide design and installation services, independent dealerships are turning to companies like SmartWorks to help. SmartWorks program management expertise will ensure dealership locations are outfitted with the best possible charging solutions for their customers while maintaining a balance of cost and quality during the implementation process.


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