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SmartWorks Wireless 

The evolution of the smart city landscape and technology provides an opportunity to upgrade existing connectivity for a variety of services, such as broadband access, ISP, 5G, EVSE, SmallCell, AI, ML, DRONE and IOT.


Traditional cable networks & telco providers of broadband service have not met customer expectation for speed, reliability and price. Most tenants have few options for service while redundancy and reliability is poor. 

  • Fixed Wireless Model Entry

  • Landlord Partnership

  • Landlord Incentives

  • Smart Technology Management Contract/Services

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Targetted Customer Marketing

  • Scalable cost solution to connectivity and asset managent

  • Rapid deployment of network build

  • Self-healing, redundant network

  • LTE protocol allows for future-proofing scalability

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